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15 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Thanks for all your devotion to the LORD’S work. I’m learning so much and using your prayers online and actually I’ve downloaded all of them

    1. Thanks for your support Mary! Be sure and join us in our online prayer groups. Check out the link above for “online prayer room”. Love in Christ, Nate

  2. Please pray for my son Wyatt and myself that we may be healed from this demonic affliction. Please pray for our safety and well being…

    1. I am on it sister and please feel free for Wyatt, or yourself or both of you, to come to group and get some prayer. He needs to invite Jesus in his life….this will change him forever. Here is the link for him and you to join us everyday at 11AM Eastern time.

      I am praying sister….I will put his name on the prayer wall. Also, thank you for sowing into the ministry. I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW MUCH THIS IS NEEDED just to keep the doors open and the lights on. Thank you sister!!

  3. I attended a church here in Nigeria not knowing the pastor was a Freemason. When I decided to leave the church for some reasons, I began seeing attacks from some sort of spiritual python that operates physically. I believe they’re defeated by the blood Jesus has shed. Just join me in prayer.

  4. I shall connect with you Brother Nate. I have gone through a fast and now free of seizures. Taking your test as well as connecting for I want freedom from all. was born in 58, abandoned by parents, a witch had me for the first six months of my life. Got adopted, learned about 5+ years ago, I was molested until 11 years of age by adopted dad……………. and the list continues. God has certainly been setting me free, yet I am learning of the discerning of spirits too. Side note. I am a author, artist, and photographer that Our GOD and CREATOR Created.
    shalom brother.

  5. Hello pastor Nate, am Ivan from Uganda Africa. I got this link from a friend and a brother in Christ called John from Washington DC. We are having orphans that we are helping to meet their needs of their life like education, medication, shelter, food, safe and clean drinking water to the children and the community at large. The reason for bringing this to your attention, is to ask for support through prayer, financials to help in facilitating the orphanage. And Well, I welcome all the well wishers to come join us to donate, to volunteer and to fund is in serving the lord both at the church and at the orphanage. Thank you and God bless you.
    Yours in Christ
    Ivan waiswa.

    1. Hey Ivan! Thanks for the opportunity brother, but all my money is gone. I spent all my money in Bungoma, Kenya feeding orphans and I have been unable to raise any support here in the United States since before or after that time. I eventually gave up trying to raise money and removed the information about the orphans in Kenya off my website. I tried for many years to raise money, but to no avail. Most months I am barely able to support my own ministry. I find that most Christians sow into cold dead ground if they sow at all. Christians in America now tend to migrate and gravitate towards what feels good and what they want to hear. They don’t like giving so they dig up one scripture out of the Bible that they can twist into a different meaning and use it as a basis not to give. Anyway, enough of my experience. I am sorry brother, but keep up the great work. I wish I could help, but I tried for many many years to no avail. Love in Christ, Brother Nate

  6. Pastor Nate helped my family in a time when we were literally falling apart and needed great help. We did not know who to ask or where to go and he not only helped us but he also restored our sense of hope, and that is priceless and such an important Gift feom God. We are eternally grateful for him and his work for the Kingdom!

    1. Thanks for you guys support and the love offering! I truly appreciate and love you guys!! May God continue to bless and pour out his favor on you guys. Come see us in the prayer group sometime.

      Love in Christ,


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