Do I Need Deliverance?


Please review and evaluate the following questions and evaluate closely if any of these apply to you. The point of these questions is to prepare you to do a phone interview with Pastor Nate. Please make notes of anything that comes to mind that might be beneficial in assisting Pastor Nate in targeting activity you are experiencing. As always, please be brutally honest with yourself. Honesty, humility and true repentance is very important in receiving deliverance.

1. Do you feel like something is seriously wrong in your life, but you can’t quite put your finger on it? Almost like a “monkey is on your back”, but your Monkey is evil and out to destroy you?

Do I Need Deliverance - dem angel2. Do you have nightmares about “going to hell” or have you ever gotten the distinct feeling that there is a battle being waged for your soul?

Do I Need Deliverance? - demons

3. Do you see scary things in your dreams or in real life? Have you ever seen something that was just flat out evil, but never told anyone because you thought no one would believe you?

Do I Need Deliverance? - demons 2

4. Do you feel like, for lack of a better way to say it, there is an unexplainable force sitting on your life to include all of your relationships? This includes family members, business associates or friends.

Do I Need Deliverance? - demon 15. a – Do you have unexplained illnesses that are difficult for a Doctor to diagnose or treat, but yet you consistently feel tired, run down, etc…?

Do I Need Deliverance? - demon 5b – Have you ever had suicidal thoughts and do you still have them?

6. Do you have bizarre thoughts and/or dreams that most would consider to be sexually explicit?

Do I Need Deliverance? - sexual painting

7. Do you sometimes hear voices in your head that concern you? Do these voices tell you to do very bizarre things?

Do I Need Deliverance? - demons 7

8. Have you ever been diagnosed as “Schizophrenic”?

9. Do you see things at night like shadowy figures, dark cloud-like figures? Space ships, Aliens or UFO’s or anything one would consider “dark” or “evil”?

Do I Need Deliverance? - ufo

 10. a – Do you sometimes have irrational fears for what seems like no reason?

Do I Need Deliverance? - demo11

10. b – What about rational fears, like someone pulling your hair from behind, but yet no one was there when you turned around?

11. a – Do you or other members of your family struggle with anger, hostility or fits of rage?

Do I Need Deliverance? - you

11. b – Do you have powerful emotions that do not seem “normal” to you?

12. a – Have you ever been attacked in your sleep by something you knew was real, but no one believed you?

Do I Need Deliverance? demons in dreams

12. b – Have you ever had sleep paralysis to where you were frozen and couldn’t move, but yet you thought you were awake?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions it is very likely that you are in need of deliverance. It is now time to go to “How it Works”and download Once you have done this and feel like you have a good understanding of the process, then it is time to contact Pastor Nate.

If you prefer not to work with Pastor Nate and you are here seeking information on how to perform self-deliverance, then please visit the section of our website called “Armor Up”.Here you will find a prayer of self-deliverance and several other tools that will assist you in breaking free of demonic strongholds and bondage. Regardless of whether Pastor Nate works with you or you do self-deliverance on your own, it is a good idea to take our assessment test. This will help you understand and determine your needs as it pertains to deliverance and/or healing at a deeper level. Be aware that the questionnaire below is very personal, but push through it….stretch yourself and dig dip! Once you are free you will be glad you did!


As a reminder ALL questionnaire results, should you decide to share it with Pastor Nate, is in the strictest of confidence. Your results will not be shared with anyone without your expressed written consent.

4 thoughts on “Do I Need Deliverance?”

  1. I was in a rush this morning ,for years i have been sick and my boy 20 ,22,and 16,Braxton went into the marine see strange thing hear voices on lots of meds also thinks he is a god his mind is messed upPeyton is is a 20 year old who dont pray for when he does get tormented,ashton 16 get kicks out of school wont do his work lot of anger he calls me every bad husband has been together 27yrs married 25yrs he wants a divorce his church encourage him and his family to get a divorce.i don,t know what to do,i want my health and family back he won,t talk or listen to me.please help me pray for my health and family.

  2. Dear name is a 63 y old lady of God.Ive been going thru a deliverance process and when i came accross ur ministry i really wanted to get involved w u.i listen to ur u tube.stuff and love ur teachings.when can we talk?

    1. Hey sister Wendy….I responded to your contact us form you sent and you will receive the two ways to communicate with me. Basically, download skype…that is how I talk with people….through skype. Praise Jesus!!!!!!!!

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