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How Private “One on One” Deliverance Works at Deliverance Revolution:

  • Brother Nate does this full time for the kingdom of God. This means the ministry cannot survive without financial support. We are NOT supported by a Church.  If those we help are not willing to sow into their own deliverance then we have no way of keeping the ministry open.  We do ask that you sow into your own freedom and deliverance by contributing to the ministry.  Here is the Link:   Please Click Here 
  • Make sure you have an email address, a working phone number and you download a FREE www.Skype.com account to your desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet, I-Pad or Smart Phone to obtain deliverance via Skype.
  • If you don’t know how to open links, retrieve documents out of emails, etc… then please recruit someone ahead of time who can help you with this. Brother Nate typically sends lots of documents, manuals and information to those he works one on one with.
  • If you have a printer to print out documents this will also be very beneficial to you.
  • If you don’t have all of these right now, that is ok, DON’T WORRY…. don’t get discouraged….we still love you and we will help you, but please fill out the information requested on “Contact Us” page on the website.
  • The sooner we receive your information the sooner we will contact you.  Here is the link to the contact us page
  • We thank you for contacting Deliverance Revolution and we look forward to speaking with you soon! Always Remember, God Loves you more than you know, so do whatever you can to show him how bad you want to be set free!

Deliverance Revolution Team

The following information pertains to a lot of specific details on the Deliverance Revolution Ministry and is provided here for those who want more details on How Things Work at Deliverance Revolution.  

If You Are Near or Local to Atlanta:  

          • Brother Nate can provide deliverance in your home or you can come to his office.  If you have activity taking place in your home then we may need to do our first visit in your home to remove the enemy from your home and then do the deliverance from Brother Nate’s office.

Brother Nate is located in North Georgia in the town of Dahlonega.

          •  Brother Nate will be happy to provide group deliverance at your Church, Bible Study or for your family at your location, or as stated above, they can also come to Pastor Nate’s office.

United States & English Speaking Countries:  

          • For those of you who live elsewhere in the United State or other English speaking countries, please know I only speak English. I will be happy to assist you online, via Skype, but I ask that the following request be honored:
          • Via Skype. Please download Skype from this page or go to www.skype.com and follow the instructions for your type of computer.
          • We do ask that you have a camera, speakers and Mic or a working headset compatible with Skype.  This allows us to monitor your appearance, voice and expressions during deliverance.

skype logo

          • English Translator – I really need to be able to understand you. If you have a heavy accent, please understand it is very difficult to understand you over a cell phone.  I request that you either use a translator or make sure you have Skype so we are assured of a good connection.
          • High Profile Individuals & Confidentiality: Due to Pastor Nate’s background, childhood and business experience he understands the need for confidentiality with high profile individuals. Given the nature of the enemy they will often target a high profile individual more so than a non-celebrity person. If you are a celebrity or high profile individual, Pastor Nate will be happy to assist you with deliverance & healing and be happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
          • Other Disclosures:  Pastor Nate will work with you no matter what race you are, what sex you are, sexual preference you have, no matter what religion you are, etc, etc… Even if you are currently a non-believer.  Pastor Nate will help you no matter what the situation, as Christ loves you no matter what your circumstance. With this said, be aware that one of the first things that must be done to receive deliverance or healing is to begin a relationship with God, through Jesus Christ. Please know I am NOT flexible on this as deliverance would be impossible without it.


7 thoughts on “Obtain Deliverance via Skype”

  1. Good morning I just wondering how the deliverance can be made via phone(Skype)? What’s the times when you do it? And do I need to do something like read a prayer or ? I’m very interested
    Thank you

    1. Carlos…check your email. I sent you a response on how to get help via both skype and the online prayer room. God bless you brother! Love in Christ! Nate

    1. Go to this link and follow instructions on getting into our online prayer room. This will be the most effective way to do this. Another way is to leave it here.

      Love in Christ,


  2. Hello Pastor Nate:
    My name is Victor Okokon, I live in Smithfield Rhode Island. Due to certain events that had been occuring to me over the years, I feel that I need deliverance from the power of darkness and I am set on receiving it.
    Please I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.
    Victor Okokon
    Phone #: (401) XXX-XXXX

    1. Hey Victor…I received your contact form and I will respond tomorrow or Monday when I get back into the ministry office. Thanks for reaching out and we look forward to seeing you get free through the power of Jesus Christ!

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