Online Prayer Room


Welcome to the Online Deliverance Room!healing_and_deliverance

Join us Monday through Saturday at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time for  Prayer Group & Worship.

Join us Monday Afternoon at 5:30 PM Eastern Standard Time for  an Afternoon Prayer Group.

   Join us Tuesday Evening at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard       Time for Evening Bible Reading & Worship.

To attend the Online Healing & Deliverance Room you are REQUIRED to download the software. Click the Blue Link Below.

Zoom Room Meeting ID is 3355214723


If you do not have internet you can Call in By Phone: 

Dial 1 (669) 900-6833

Don’t Let Satan & His Minions Continue to Steal, Kill, and Destroy Your Life!

                                        Prayer Room Details:

Click on the following link to install the software and access the online deliverance room:

 If you install the ZOOM app to your device from google play store or the apple app store use the meeting ID:  335-521-4723  It may ask for this ID number after the installation of the Zoom software.

*Before joining the room please be seated and put your phone, tablet or laptop in front of you. Make sure there is a light in front of you, and not behind you. Iluminate your face, Not your back. Make sure ALL your equipment works so you can observe and participate as you so desire. 

Preparing For Deliverance:

Preparing for deliverance is basically a process of drawing near to God and purifying ourselves from as many sin footholds and curses as possible.  Evil spirits use footholds (curses or legal grounds) to attempt to keep us in bondage.  When the footholds have been removed by confession and repentance, the spirits are less able to resist being expelled. Remember sin is the opened door. Here are some links to recommended prayers you should pray before seeking deliverance:

The Door Closing Prayer

General Curse Breaking Prayer

Note: Do your best to pray through these recommended prayers. If for any reason you are not able to pray these prayers do to demonic activity Try praying the following:

“Father, in JESUS’ name I cover myself and this place with the Blood of JESUS. I bind up all my demons and the demons in this place. I ask for giant warrior angels to surround this place to protect me.”

 Now, you must resist a short term of thoughts, fears or temptation of contradiction. Instead, have faith and be comforted now, because Jesus Christ has ALL THE POWER REQUIRED.

If you are still unable to pray (do not worry) you can find the help you need in the deliverance room. Remember Jesus loves you and wants you free!