Feeding Kenyan Orphans

Orphans with Jiggers lining up for treamentBelow is an email I received today from Kenya:

Hello Pastor Nate,

Blessings to you and your ministry in Jesus name…..

We thank God for you… We have heard about you from Pastor Moses that you are praying for us…please allow us to thank you for your previous support $500 that benefited the widows .The widows are now happy with new blankets they are sleeping well right now.. Pastor Nate, we want you to know how much this encourages us and blesses our hearts. Know that you are indeed also in our hearts and prayers. our sorrow and our joy, our faith and our love have many a time more than stirred up our hearts, with the help of God, they have become our hope and our aspiration in our obedience and service unto Him. Thru all these, we have dearly learned that indeed, it is the Almighty God and our Father in Heaven, who loves us with an endless love, have blessed us with the joy and the privilege to know you and to be able to be as one family-the precious people of God, on earth as it is in heaven. 

Pastor Nate, Pastor Moses told us that you praying for orphans affected by jiggers, we were there yesterday and this dear ones are severely in pain…we as care takers are worried about this bad situation some may lost their legs and life… indeed it a worrying  situation that need urgent solution…Currently we have $200 this can treat 20 orphans……Prayers works, Let the father of the fatherless bring provision for remaining number….God hear our prayer….! orphans effected by jiggers 2children threated and gettingout jiggers

The orphans pray that your heart and your life be richly blessed by God our Father and the Lord Jesus whom we serve, this day and forever. We pray our Lord will indeed richly reward you for all the good you have been doing and will continue to do in His name and for His people. God’s word stands true for this. And we know how faithful He is. How true! With this hope and this knowledge of our God in our heart, let us give thanks to Him who is always our healer and helper of our life, even our Faithful Father

Blessings to you man of God….

In Jesus love,

Brother Moses and the team

Below are recent pictures of the Jigger situation:

children threated and gettingout jiggers Getting out jiggers orphans getting treament jiggers eaten children Orphans being treated orphans effected by jiggers 2Orphans with Jiggers lining up for treament


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  1. An Update From Pastor Moses From Kenya:

    Shalom Pastor Nate,

    Bwana Asifiwe and Mungu Awabariki.(means Praise God! And God Bless you) I greet you all this day in the mercy and grace of our Father and in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray all is well with you….Please receive special greetings orphans and widows in Bungoma Kenya….we take this opportunity to thank you for your previous support to set orphans Jiggers free in Teso region… Praise be to God! We have managed to treat 160 children…. We are remaining to treat 40 children who are severely suffering, God knows we have done our best and will still trust Him to treat the 40 orphans……Pastor Please continue to keep them in your prayers….
    Please have a look of the pictures of our recent visit to the Teso region. Its beautiful to see this kids in Uniform and shoes…They are Jiggers free children now….Praise God!

    God bless you so much…

    Brother Moses…

  2. am glorious church[ orphans for christ] i would like to thank you for helping my bro musa in this ministry, we have suffered together in ministry and most of the time we cry for one another in ministry, continue to help him and God will bless you. As you help him remember me also am in the same situation with my orphans and God bless you

    1. What is your name and where are you located? Who is Musa? Do you mean Pastor Moses?

      Thanks and God Bless,

      Pastor Nate

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