Nine Key Steps to Receive Deliverance

Nine Steps To Deliverance

*These nine steps to deliverance will assist you greatly in obtaining your freedom.

Prayers for Salvation & Receiving the Holy Spirit

Prayer To Receive Jesus Christ as Savior

Receiving the Infilling of the Holy Spirit

Prayer To Forgive Others And Yourself

Worship Music List by Song

Daily Prayers

Full Armor of God Prayer

Daily Praise

A Daily Morning Prayer Covering

Daily Prayer for Protection

Daily Warfare Prayers

Daily Deliverance Prayer

Daily Binding Prayer

Daily Confessions from God’s Word

Faith Confessions & Declarations

Who I Am In Christ

Faith In The Blood Of Jesus

Igniting Hope Declarations

Declarations to Release Your Destiny

Dr. Hawkins Renunciation & Affirmation Statements


Inner Healing & Freedom from the Past

Inner Healing Prayer

Prayer Against Depression & Suicide

Prayer Against All Sickness & Pain

Healing Verses to Use

Prayer Of Healing For Cancer

Prayer Against The Spirit Of Infirmity (Just input your infirmity)

Prayer Against Schizophrenia & Double-Mindedness

Prayer to Remove Spending Addiction

Anointing Your Home or Business with Holy Water or Oil

Prayers For Marriage

Marriage Prayer Part 1 – Declarations To Speak and Pray Over Your Marriage

Marriage Prayer Part 2 – Prayer For Husband To Pray Removing Jezebel/ Witchcraft

Breaking Curses

Prayer For Cutting Soul Ties

General Curse Breaking Prayer

Prayer To Break Generational Curses

Deliverance Prayers

Door Closing Prayer

Self Deliverance Prayer With Demon List

Sexual Deliverance Prayers

Deliverance Prayer From Nicotine

Prayer & Scriptures Against Fear & Anxiety

Warfare Prayers

Warfare Prayer For Increased Demonic Attack

Applying The Blood Of Jesus

A Very Powerful Prayer Against Demons & Satan

Prayers To Combat Demonic Spirits

Prayer Exercising Authority Over Witchcraft

Prayer Against Witchcraft

Prayer to Break Financial Strongholds

House Cleaning Prayer

Intercessory Prayer – Praying for Others

Lawsuit Against Satan

Prayers Against Sexual Sin & Demons

Release From Sexual Spirits & Strongholds

Power Prayer Against Sexual Sin

Prayer Against Spirit Husband or Wife

Prayer Against Spirit Spouse

Prayer Of Release From Baphomet, Freemasonry, The Occult, New Age, Occult Sex & Rape Etc.

Prayer Strategy For Understanding and Overcoming Homosexuality

Prayer Against Sexual Demons Baal=Peor

Renouncing Membership With Evil Associations & Spirit Husband or Wife

Sexual Deliverance Prayers

Prayers For Freedom From Occult Spirits

Prayer Strategy For Freedom From Occult Spirits

Occult Practice Renunciation Prayer (Including Hinduism, Yoga, Reiki, Occult, Witchcraft)

Prayer Of Release From Baphomet, Freemasonry, The Occult, New Age, Rape Etc.

Renouncing Membership of Evil Associations

Prayer of Release from Freemasonry

Prayers Against Jezebel, Leviathan (Pride), and Python

Prayer Renouncing Pride

Prayer Of Deliverance From Leviathan

Prayer Against Jezebel & Her Kingdom

Prayer Points To Destroy Jezebel

Prayer To Bind & Cast Out The Python

Prayers for Ministry

*please do not use without previous ministry and warfare experience

Attacking The Enemy Of Your Calling

Baptism Of Fire

Success In Ministry

Before Preaching

For Power In Ministry

Needs Of The Ministry

Sanctification To Do The Ministry