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Test is a test to find out if you are being demonically harassed, oppressed or nearing possession. Print this page out, or take a pen and and write YES or NO for the questions below

            1. A compulsive desire to blaspheme God
            2. A revulsion against the Bible, including a desire to tear it up or destroy it.    
            3. Compulsive thoughts of suicide or murder
            4. Deep feeling of bitterness and hatred toward others without reason – Jews, other races, the church, strong Christian leaders
            5. Any compulsive temptations that seek to force thoughts or behavior that the person truly does not want to think or do6.   Compulsive desires to tear other people down, even if it means lying to do so; vicious cutting by the tongue7.  Terrifying feelings of guilt even after honest confession is made to the Lord

              8.     Certain physical symptoms that may appear suddenly or leave quickly and for which there are no physical or physcological reason

              9.      Symptoms such as choking sensations, pains that seem to move around and for which there is no medical cause

              10.  Feeling of tightness about the head or eyes, dizziness, blackouts, or fainting of hostility

              11.   Deep depression and despondency

              12.  Sudden surges of violent rage, uncontrollable anger, or seething feeling of hostility

              13.  Sudden panic type feeling over your salvation, even though you remember being saved and saying the salvation prayer

              14.  Seizures of panic or other fear type seizures that would be classified as terrifying

              15.   Dreams or nightmares that are of a horrific nature and often recurring

              16.  Abnormal or perverted sexual desires

              17.   Questions and challenges to God’s Word

              18.  Sleep or eating disorders without physical cause

              19.  Do you feel like you have a compulsion that is NOT currently known to man

              20. Rebellion and hatred for authority

              21.  Bizarre terrifying thoughts that seem to come from nowhere and cannot be controlled

              22. Fascination with the occult

              23. Involvement in criminal activity

              24. Extremely low self-esteem

              25.  Constant confusion in thinking

              26. Inability to believe (even when you want to believe)

              27.  Mocking and blasphemous thoughts against preaching/teaching of God

              28. Perception is distorted-perceiving anger or hostility in others

              29. Horrible nightmares causing fear (often having demonic images)

              30. Violent thoughts (suicidal, homicidal, self-abuse)

              31.  Hatred and bitterness toward others for no justifiable reason

              32. Tremendous hostility or fear when encountering someone involved in Deliverance work

              33. Deep depression and despondency (frequently at significant times)

              34. Irrational fears, panic attacks, and phobias

              35.  Irrational anger or rage

              36. Irrational guilt or self-condemnation to extreme

              37.  Desire to do what is right but an inability to carry it out

              38. A strong aversion toward Scripture reading and prayer

              39. Sudden personality and attitude change – severe contrast, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder

              40. A dark countenance – steely or hollow look in eyes, contraction of the pupils sometimes facial features contort or change: often an inability to make eye contact

              41.  Lying, exaggerating, or stealing compulsively, often wondering why

              42. Drug abuse especially when there are demonic hallucinations

              43. Eating obsessions – bulimia, anorexia nervosa

              44. Compulsive sexual sins, especially perversions

              45.  Irrational laughter or crying

              46. Irrational violence, compulsion to hurt self and/or someone else

              47.  Sudden speaking of a language not previously known (often an ethnic language of ancestors)

              48. Reaction to the name and blood of Jesus Christ (verbally or through body language)

              49. Extreme restlessness, especially in a spiritual environment

              50. Uncontrollable cutting and mocking tongue

              51.   Vulgar language and actions

              52.  Loss of time, from minutes to hours: ending up someplace and not knowing how they got there; regularly doing things of which there is no memory

              53.  Extreme sleepiness around spiritual things

              54.  Demonstration of extraordinary abilities (either ESP or telekinesis)

              55.  Voices heard in the mind that mock, intimidate, accuse, threaten or attempt to bargain

              56.  Voice that refers to him/her in the third person

              57.  Supernatural experiences – hauntings, movement or disappearance of object and other strange manifestations

              58. Seizures (too long and/or to regular)

              59.  Pain without justifiable explanation, especially in head and/or stomach

              60. Memory Blackouts

              61.  Physical ailments such as epileptic seizures, asthma attacks, and various pains

              62. Sudden temporary interference with bodily function – buzzing in ears, inability to speak or hear, severe headache, hypersensitivity in hearing or touch chills or overwhelming heat in body, numbness in arms or legs, temporary paralysis. 

Note: A few symptoms may not indicate demonic oppression, but these are very consistent symptoms for those under demonic attack.

Total YES _______ Total NO _______

If you have more stronger yes, then kindly reach out to Brother Nate as soon as possible

18 thoughts on “Take the Test”

  1. Hi Pastor Nate,
    I took your test and got 17 Yes & 45 No. I don’t have anything too extreme going on but just a constant battle with what I do have going. Lots of diseases & pains to the point I had to go on disability. I have a recurring dream every night about death which wakes me up. And the dream is so stupid, in a way, but disturbing as well. I came to the Lord at the age of 18 but didn’t have a relationship with Him so I ended up leaving my church and my marriage at the same time. I came to Him again after my husband died at the age of 56 years old and got baptized in the Holy Spirit. This time around I know who Jesus is and what He did for us but struggle with a lot of confusion, which I know is not of God, and other things. I don’t completely understand why I’m under why I’m under attack so often. It’s keeping me from stepping out and has me back n forth in unbelief regarding everything about God. His Promises, His Love for me, Healing for myself but not for others, and constantly confused as to what my part is in walking with God and what he does. My head feels like it’s spinning half the time & I have a hard time trying to figure out what the heck is happening with me. I was brought up in a very negative family and have fought being negative myself. I have a hard time reading my bible because I get extremely distracted most of the time. I think that I have more than one evil spirit plaguing me all the time. Can you help me better understand what’s going on & what I need to do.

    1. Kathy,
      Here is the way to contact us. Be sure and provide a working email. When I get your contact request I will respond by email that will explain how to get some help with the various things you have mentioned. As a quick simple answer your being attacked and you probably have many open doors from past actions and decisions. We can target this stuff once we meet you. Go to this link and send me a contact request. Love in Christ, Nate

    1. Thanks Bojan….Be sure and send in the contact form and write down your areas of attack and how the doors got open. Whether you have invited Christ into your life or any information relevant to why your in bondage and information I use to assist in Getting you free. Here is the link:

  2. I took your test and got 8 yes & 54 no. But I know I have a way to go in deliverance. Maybe I have a lot of self-control, or my bible reading and prayer keeps ’em bound. A few years ago it would have been a lot higher. Thank you for your work. It’s good to read and talk. Bless you!

  3. Hi. I really need help. I’m so tired of feeling depressed and anxious. I know I probably have something dark on me. I have medical issues that my doctor cannot res solve. Please help me. I always fell depressed.

    1. Liz…how are you? Did you find some help? I am not sure you ever made it in our prayer room did you? Let me know if you need help.

      Love in Christ,

      Brother Nate

  4. Hi Nate. I got 12 yes answers. I often feel stuck. It seems as though I cannot move forward and there seems to be no complete victory in my life. I was saved at the age of 6 but I feel my spiritual growth has been stunted for most of my life. I often feel depressed and anxious and just can’t seem to move forward. I come from a very negative home environment riddled with addiction to drugs and alcohol (not personally). It seems as though I desire to move closer to God but my passion fades quickly and I cannot seem to consistently pray and read my bible. I’m not sure how to move forward and have never entertained the idea of possible demonic oppression. But I’m wondering if that is a possibility?

    1. Hey Sister Stacey,

      First, let me say, I never met a Christian who did not have some sort of evil spirits or demons. Read Romans 7 for an example of what Paul dealt with 23 years after being saved. There is just those who are deceived about evil spirits and choose not to go by the word of and those who admit that we are at war against evil spirits and demons. I am one who admits and goes straight by the word of God. So I recommend, if you can, join our online prayer group. We do everything from Christ coaching, deliverance, healing and its sort of like a Jesus boot camp. What you described as your desire to know Jesus is what we work on and do. We would love for you to join us. BTW….12 “YES’s” aint too demonized and you can easily learn to kick fear and anxiety out and you can learn how to kick addiction out of others if they will let you. That’s the key sister, people have to want to be free. Anyway, I am starting to ramble but here is the link on how to contact me and after I receive your email I send you an email with how to connect with us and get involved. We love you and God bless you! 🙂 Here is the link: https://deliverancerevolution.org/contact-us/

      Love in Christ,

      Brother Nate

      PS- Save the prayer page from the website. Here is the link: https://deliverancerevolution.org/prayers/

  5. I’ve answered the questions truthfully I got no for the numbers 6,23,31,54 and 58 every other question is a yes. I’ve always been hearing stuff,suicidal,cutting etc I’m revulsing right now while talking pastor please help me.

    1. Mallesha….the enemy does not want you contacting me…this is why you are convulsing right now. I need you to click this link and send me this form. I will respond fairly quickly after I receive the response from you. It will have my skype contact info, but remember, its the middle of the night and I am not at my office. I am at home. Also, there is no quick cures usually. Its going to be a battle and a process to get you free, but I will help you and stay the course with you as long as you will. I am going to invite you to our online prayer group where people get delivered and healed, but you have to show up and do the things I ask you to do. It may even get worse some days before it gets better.
      Here is the link: https://deliverancerevolution.org/contact-us/

      Remember, Jesus loves you very very much and he died for you too. His salvation is free to you.

      Love in Christ,

      Pastor Nate

  6. Hello,
    I got 22 yes answers. I’ve been baptized with the Holy Spirit in september last year and fully healed of my past. About three months ago I’ve felt something like a poison forcing its way down my spirit and felt it in the physical as well, like heat and later (a month ago) chills. It all started when I got afraid of a perverse thought that entered my mind instead of casting it away and then I began to worry about it as well. I want to stand in faith so badly and return to Jesus. I feel anxious all the time, restless sleep, burning sensation in my body, not sure what I’m thinking about, weird thoughts and images. When praying I sometimes zone out and say something out of context, and when I go to bed I fall asleep without deliberately deciding to – for example I’m planning to read something before falling asleep but then I suddenly wake up some hours later realizing I fell asleep accidentally. I realize that if I would have obeyed the Lord this whole thing wouldn’t have happened. I’m focusing on the positive, on who I am in Christ and encounters with His Spirit. As a result I developed some compulsive behaviors that look crazy, looking from outside. I’m binding them up and commanding them out daily in the name of Jesus. I’m praying and repenting every day. I feel awful and really really want to change and get rid of the junk. I know this is not me because I know what I’m like in Christ, full of his love and with a clean heart. Please help me.

  7. Hello,
    I posted here last week and am wondering if it was received…because I don’t see my comment displayed here. I was asking for deliverance, I got 22 yes answers..


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