Powerful Testimonials of
Deliverance and Healing

Healed from eye infections
Dear Pastor Nate, hereby sending you my testimony to be published on the website, should you wish it. I have been suffering from dryness in my eyes coupled with different eye infections, irritation and a deteriorating sight. I have started attending the online group here and Pastor Nate led me (and many others) and taught me how to walk in power and authority in Jesus Christ. After a short time I was fed up using expensive medication that didnt help at all, and started excercising the power and authority and commanded the sickness out of my eyes. I got instantly healed and has never used medication again. My eyesight has been improving since. In the group everyone receives amazing (healing) prayer and Pastor Nate tirelessly teaches everyone all that he knows. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for this anointing, wisdom and knowledge, and thank you Pastor Nate for all I am learning. May the Lord bless him and his ministry! Ps. You can use my name publicly, I am very proud to belong to Jesus and to your group. Take care and see you tomorrow! sister Anikó

Powerful Healing Testimony
Palesa M
Dear Pastor Nate Testimony - To God be the Glory! I would like to share my testimony and express my gratitude. I had been suffering from migraine headaches as the doctors had diagnosed me, for a period of almost 2 years. This sickness seemed to have taken over my life, I would experience excruciating and debilitating pain. I had consulted doctors and had tried everything I possibly could do to help alleviate the pain but still. One day during the Zoom online meeting I requested prayers for healing over the migraine and Ps Nate and the group members prayed for me. Nothing seemed to happen initially but over the next couple of weeks that followed I realized that it had been a while since I had felt pain or even taken medication which I couldn't go without taking. It's been over a month now and I'm free. I am healed. It feels like I have my mind back now. Praise God! Hallelujah! Thank you Ps Nate for ministering healing and deliverance to me. May the Lord bless you.

Holy Spirit Fire
God answered prayer by Fire!
By Yuta:
"I want to share... I know it's just something (sorry if it's long, I prayed about this)." I prayed to be part of this ministry for over a year 1.3 years. There are promises in this ministry of John 14. This group was shown to me over 2 years ago & after 1 year nothing happened so I spent 1 year asking and pleading with God for this ministry and this Skype chat room, because there are incredible things Jesus is going to do here and we'll be at the forefront of it. Make everything about Jesus, search the Kingdom and all these things will be added. We are in a process of searching for Jesus. It isn't easy. Imagine? I prayed over a year for this Skype group chat? No, I didn't pray, I begged with crying at Gods courts for this group. I didn't know where to get this group. A group? Why? Some things are worth it when you obey His words and His will. Pastor Nate has rank in the courts of Heaven, because of the sacrifice he makes for Jesus and us all. There are things we need to learn here from Pastor Nate. Jesus showed me this Skype group in May 2019, after 1 year in May 2020, I was like Jesus, nothing happened and I'm desperate! I need to get onto this group. After pleading since May 2020, I finally met Amour in August 2021 meaning the answer only came after 1.3 years. There are incredible things I saw coming from this ministry. Pastor Nate is training us. - I saw raising the dead as a normal day to day occurrence (very normal) - seeing into the spiritual realm with the Holy Spirits vision would be normal - I saw Pastor Nate (didn't know who he was at the time) raising an army going into this world. Apostles, Elijah's, Esters, Daniels, David's. Keep coming to group, we are being trained. Training isn't "lekker" in Afrikaans we say "lekker" = "delicious" bless you all love you all so much my family! (sorry it's so long)

Life restored in Jesus name!
Pastor Nate! Wow! What a man of God, chasing the heart of Jesus, sharing the love and good news of Jesus. The selflessness and sacrifice of furthering the gospel of who Jesus is, is so inspiring and changes hearts and lives. My heart can never be the same, after attending these meetings. Areas in my life have been restored because of prayer and explainatuon of the scriptures in simple ways to understand it better. I’m transformed more and more with a each meeting. Entering into the presence of Jesus has become much easier and awareness of the Holy Spirit is now a daily occurrence. Pastor Nate’s devotion and commitment to Jesus is raising an army to serve in the Kingdom of Jesus. Thank you for selfless love and unconditional love and kindness!

Ex-Muslim Set free from sexual Demons and headaches powerful testimony!
Message sent to Pastor Nate.
By: Abdoul

"Good evening Pastor Nate, the sex demon is gone it's been 4 days she didn't come. I also had a headach since high school i did the healing prayers and that headach is also gone thanks to Jesus he is really a savior. Thanks to you too for everything you are doing for people you haven't even met yet."

Message to Abdoul.
By Pastor Nate

"Its all Jesus brother!! I am just his servant!"

Powerful Deliverance Testimony Through Self Deliverance Prayer
Part 1:

dEAR Pastor Nate,

I found your prayer ....

Self-Deliverance-Prayer.pdf (deliverancerevolution.org)

Have been reading the prayer 2x daily. Most of the demons that were disturbing me are gone...

I see instant changes. I believe God is using you to save His people.

I will continue saying your prayer until I die. Not even Catholic Priests were able to help me as much as this Prayer.

You are Gifted
You are Blessed.

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Part 2:

Hi!!! Please use my email and I will leave feedback. Please use my name ingrid Valdesz on the site. I watched the exorcism you did in tv. Wow. Today I said your prayer and had an empty stomach but felt nauseated. Threw up some green substance violent vomiting and the felt better. Would you tell me the meaning of that?

God bless you for helping us !!!!


Delivered From Allergies, Pain, Helplessness, Anger and more.
Date: March 17th 2021

"Pastor Nate.....I keep looking to Jesus for strength. I had too many problems I couldn’t even name before I came to the prayer group a year ago. I don’t have brain fog, allergies, pain, bleeding, sores, swelling in the scalp, anger, etc...i had no clue what was wrong but I had faith in God to deliver me. Almost everything physically is gone. My hope is to go back to that doctor and tell her about Jesus who healed and delivered me and witness to those other patients who believe there’s no hope or cure.

I knew nothing about pride but I was so angry because I felt helpless and didn’t believe God really loved me. And the one thing that was most important I came to realize was that I had no knowledge of the truth. I had study the Word to get an understanding and replace all that crap I was told by doctors and religious folks in the church. I had a relentless faith and the tenacity to keep driving no matter what. I still do. And I didn’t just heal from the outside, I healed from the inside too. And I had to humble myself to use my gifts in the church again. But it was worth it because now I know what God desires of me. Had no clue before"

Jesus Heals Man Afflicted in Heavy Demonic Attacks
March 3, 2021

Shalom Pastor Nate Thompson,

I write to you in appreciation of you and of your Calling to The Body of Christ. I had been under demonic attack since boxing day last year until January 13th this year when I came across the daily prayers you have posted in your ministry website, deliverancerevolution.org.

Up to that juncture I had been attacked severely on 3rd of January and from 10th to 12th of January. I knew I was under demonic attacks since towards the end of last year, I heard Pastor Tommy Lilja in his show Following Jesus narrate one of his encounters with the demonic and his detailed description of the contrast GOD'S Divine Presence versus demonic presence.

He described the Presence of GOD as warm, while the demonic as ice cold. My ordeals are broad in detail, the much I can narrate is some direct details of my unfortunate ordeals. On 3rd January my heart and back were harmed in the attack I suffered, since the muscles around my heart area felt painful and my heartbeat became irregular. My lower back had multiple separate pains. The second ordeal almost left me paralyzed from the waist down. I felt so weak I couldn't pray, I only told The LORD to be merciful to me. Immediately I felt electricity gradually vibrate through my legs and I received strength again on the base of my spine and the pain that was there disappeared.

Be Blessed of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Website Prayers Work!
March 3, 2021

Hi Pastor!!

I did the prayers that you sent and glory to God I got some self deliverance going. I feel that I am somewhat back to normal. As I'm typing this I'm thinking about the fact that I wish that my relationship with the Father was like it used to be and into my head pops the scripture that says that if you draw near to God He will draw near to you. That's been happening a lot lately. So glory to God for that!!

I haven't been having as many third eye symptoms as before when thinking about or saying Jesus and I'm really excited about that because before they were coming full blast. This has been ongoing for two years and very scary so the relief and hearing clearly the scriptures again is so awesome!

I really would like to bless your ministry..i haven't forgotten about you. As you know we just moved to OK from Philly. We are struggling...a family of seven on a little over minimum wage job and me still looking. We are just trying to make it. Please come into agreement in prayer with us for some financial stability. When I am able I will send a blessing to you.

Thanks again Pastor Nate for your help and I just give God so much glory for you!

Prayer against spiritual husbands and wife
Gladys from Cape Town
To: pastornate@deliverancerevolution.org

Subject: Prayer against spiritual husbands and wife

Dear Pastor Nate,

What a wonderful prayer...I started praying this prayer with my family 1 week ago and can already see the changes as God is setting
us free in Jesus name.
We are blessed.
Thank you pastor and God bless you,
Gladys from Cape Town

Jesus Name Healing Skin lesions!
July 29th, 2016

Dear Pastor Nate….The following is my testimony of being healed in the mighty name of Jesus just exactly as the word of God says:

At about 8 pm after I had spent over a month in rigorous military training, I had finally made it home and began unpacking my gear. Reliving the training, I had many challenges and scenarios that had been had required great faith to get through. It had been in the middle of unpacking my gear when all of a sudden my stomach began to rumble and a sudden pain sunk in. What happen next felt like a fever but I knew what was happening. Then all of a sudden the skin on my arms began to itch relentlessly. Whatever demonic thing this was had then caused bumps to form symmetrically on both of my arms. The appearance of these bumps had initially looked like mosquito bites. As these bumps grew and moved all over my arms, my hands turned red and began to swell to the point where I could hardly pick anything up. Then, in less than five minutes I had noticed the same bumps forming on my thighs and lower legs. The pain had been sharp and persistent and I vigorously began itching myself all over. This had been a moment where I knew not what was going on, and I really worried tremendously that this virus/rash would cause continued pain.

At that very moment of confusion and despair I remembered that I had one thing that would work no matter what; the Lord Jesus Christ. I then began to pray, even though I barely believed it would work. I spoke aloud Isaiah 53:5-6 which Pastor Nate had taught me to be the ultimate healing prayer;

Thanks For Deliverance Revolution
Received 1/16/2020

Hey Nate...

I just want to say that I love you man…before finding you online I was getting ready to give up, but something was telling to not give up. I made that one last search and I found Deliverance Revolution Ministry and I am so very thankful that I did. I know I don’t always come to the daily prayer group, but I need you to know that I’m not going anywhere. In fact, I still remember the day that I met you…. it was on Sept 9th…. I love being in the group not only for the worship of the Lord, but also I love being in group because I can actually talk to any of you about anything. I can speak my mind without someone looking at me crazy or thinking that I’m insane for kicking out demons! The enemy has no hold on me any longer and grace holds me now! Good night brother and I will talk to you in the a.m.
I love ya, your brother in Christ, G

Removal of Pain in Jesus Name!!
August 12th, 2016

"Hi pastor, I just wanted to tell you that since praying with you Brenda and myself have experienced a healing, not complete but my ankle doesn't hurt very much and I have almost full mobility back. Brenda has had some improvement in her right eye and huge improvement in her shoulder. Also some sensation returned to her left foot! Praise God! "

Jesus is King Over Satan
May 4th 2020 Hello, I’m Beth. I love Jesus. I love him and hunger for more of him because the more I know the more I must have. I’ve been through the greatest spiritual battle of my life. These past 2 years have left me feeling shame, loss, worthlessness and hopelessness. Satan devoured me. Tonight as I lay in bed praying, a scripture was placed in my heart. I went and read it and in the full context, Holy Spirit revealed that I had allowed Jezebel into my life from a very young age. What should have been an innocent age. I don’t know how or why or where. I then searched for some guidance on Google, on prayers to break all ties with Jezebel. I found your prayer….. ….thank you for making it freely available. I prayed tonight and I know that the journey is still going to be long and hard but for the first time in my 45 years, I know who and what I’ve been fighting against all my life. I channeled my anger and resentment on everyone close to me because I believed they were the enemy. For the first time I know which way to run to first. Straight to Jehovah Nissi. Beth

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