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Deliverance Revolution Ministries – the home for Deliverance & Healing, If you are looking for Deliverance from demons, learn how to do deliverance for others and how to do self deliverance you are at the right place! Deliverance Revolution Ministries came from Pastor Nate Thompson’s passion for the Kingdom of God and everyone in severe demonic bondage.

If you feel like you have tried every secular (Non-Christian) cure known to man, including but not limited to – Psychology, Psychiatry, Counseling, New Age Remedies, Self-Medications and a Host of Medications through your Doctors, but still believe your situation is only getting worse, you are probably correct! hence, an old saying among Deliverance Ministers says, “If you think you need a Deliverance, then you probably do”.  Please know, help is available to you provided by Deliverance Revolution Ministries. We require that you understand the following information before making a decision to undertake this life changing journey.


“…and Jesus Gave Them Power Over Unclean Spirits”


Please review, pray about and retain the following information:


1. Have a desire to be set free! I cannot stress this enough. The biggest requirement needed for a person, to become free from the demonic hold, is to have a strong desire to be set free and people have to be willing to LISTEN and FOLLOW instructions and NOT their own internal thoughts.

2. MOST IMPORTANT – Be aware that the enemy uses you to accomplish his goals and it is always evil and contrary to anyone’s best interest. Typically, by the time a person gets free (and this assumes they get free) they realize just how much they were controlled and manipulated by the enemy.

3. Please watch the 10 minute video below of Pastor Nate explaining what demonic bondage/influence/ harassment/torment/possession looks like.  Please Do not get hung up on terminology at this point. Feel free to call what we do an “Exorcism”, if you’d like, which ever you prefer is fine with us.

4.  We remind you that most of your pseudo ‘best thinking’ and ‘better judgment’ got you to this point of bondage. Meaning, a lot of the thoughts you have are heavily influenced by the enemy and are not your own. We will keep reiterating this to you over and over again, because we know this is hard to accept. In fact, this will be one of the bigger challenges you face in trying to receive deliverance.  Example:  There will be a voice inside you that will be saying things like, “This isn’t true!”, “This isn’t going to work!” or “This is ridiculous!”. Just remember, this is the enemy….IT IS NOT YOUR OWN THOUGHTS.

5.  If you truly want to be free, you will have to take what you are taught and go after it! It is just that simple. Go out of your way for God. Worship him in the name of Jesus his Son. Hunger for Him and His word!

6.  Ninety-five percent of the people whom we work with seem to think that deliverance is one prayer one time and then they are delivered and They also seem to think that it has to do with Pastor Nate and whether or not HE is a “Godly man”, however, Below is the truth about Deliverance based upon our experience and the Word of God:

It is a lot of prayers, many times over a period of time. Rarely, if ever, a person gets totally delivered through one prayer on one occasion,

after what Jesus did for us on the cross over 2,000 years ago, you have the same power to cast out demons and heal the sick,

and God wants a relationship with you through His Son Jesus, as well as how bad you want a relationship with him has a lot to do with when and how much deliverance you receive. Example: If you look like you are skeptical then you will probably not get deliverance until you are truly at the end of yourself.

If you’re willing to let go of every bit of anger you have towards others in your past then If you can do this and you are truly seeking a relationship with God, then you are a good candidate to be fully delivered in the 1st session. (This is NOT a promise)

7. We have never charged for deliverance & healing, we don’t charge now, but the word of God is very clear on giving. We believe none can put a value on Deliverance & Healing, so give as your heart and the Holy Spirit moves you. Maybe your new-found freedom in Christ leads you to reach out to others! We want to make sure that more people, just like you, receive that same revelation and deliverance! It is just that simple!

when you partner with Pastor Nate you are among a special group of people who stand alongside him. You can either Partner with Pastor Nate through your Appreciation  Gifts

Also check out the Deliverance Training Classes that are shortly about to be launched with the motto of destroying the works of the enemy! Support him through your Prayers. You will see more lives changed through the message of God’s delivering Love and Grace. Your faithful support helps Pastor Nate reach the world with the Delivering Power of God. Please proceed to the “Appreciation  Gift” page at your convenience.

If you have watched the video above and confirmed in your mind that this is what you want to do, I now ask that you review Do I Need Deliverance page and then proceed to theDemonic Oppression Test” . Check out what percentage of your answers are YES and be prepared to share with Pastor Nate what these results reveal.

Once you have completed the above, and assuming the answers indicate you need Deliverance, then you are now ready to Request Prayer.  If you desire to request prayer or have a question then please use the “Contact Us” link on the Contact Us page.

Also Kindly watch the below video before requesting For One on One Deliverance With Pastor Nate:

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  1. I have been feeling an evil presence for some time and did not know what was going on. First of all, I am a child of God and have accepted Jesus as my Lord and personal Savior and have been baptized. However, there have been some very strange things going on in my dreams and I subconsciously seem to hear a voice which sounds like a witch. I would hear loud chanting over and over again. Then there would be buzzing in my ear, all this occurring anywhere between 12:00 A.M.-3:00 A.M. I love the Lord, I have been fasting 1 day out of a week to Jesus for about 15 years just to say Thank You and I love you for what you have done and what you are going to do. I have been in church since I was a child round the clock, but somehow this evil is present in my life. It finally reached a climax on Feb. 9th, 2019 at 1:12 A. M. I told my husband to pray for me and he sat up and he asked me did I hear that noise that awful noise. He asked what was it and then he saw her for himself, the “witch”. He said she was stirring in a kettle chanting and moaning. He told her I was a child of God and “you cannot have her”. He commanded her to leave and he prayed for me over and over even after she left. Oh, her response to him was, “you see me” and asked him where would she go and he said “I don’t know but you can’t stay here”. Finally, a resolution to everything. I had been trying to get him to see prior to this he thought I was on the deep end and he was very worried about me, but he at the time could not understand because we have never experienced anything like this pure evil. I am now better than I have been in a long time, but she is still present though. I actually subconsciously heard her say, she did not know how but she was going to get me. We are praying fervently; however, we would like for you to pray as well. Please tell me, what do you think about all of this?
    Would you pray for us?
    Aretta Williams

    1. Aretta,

      Thanks for the nice message and all the details. Absolutely, I will add you and your husband to our intercessory prayer list. (Its already done) Additionally, if you would like to discuss this more in-depth and receive some direct prayer and input, then please join us in the online prayer room. Here is the link: https://deliverancerevolution.org/online-deliverance-room/
      Be sure and visit our prayer page on the website. Here is the link to the prayer page: https://deliverancerevolution.org/prayers/
      There are many prayers for spirit spouse, witchcraft, breaking evil associations, house cleansing, etc…etc… Many of these prayers will remove the enemy and especially if all your doors are closed to the enemy via having sin in your life. Be sure and also let go of all anger and unforgiveness towards anyone and everyone in your entire life.
      The second category down on the prayer page is the section called “Daily Prayers”. These are particularly strong prayers so be sure and sort through these and use them often.
      Last but not least use the power and authority Jesus gave you and verbally command out the spirits you mentioned above. I understand that your praying, fasting, etc… but are you using your Jesus given authority and commanding the enemy out of you, your husband and your home? Many Christians do not use this authority that is a free gift. Remember, Jesus already paid for this…YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ASK JESUS TO COME DOWN A SECOND TIME! It is already done! (See Luke 10:19 for details)
      We love you and hope to see you in Group. Also, please pray about being a monthly contributor. This gives us the ability to help precious souls all over the world full time. Here is the link:

      God Bless You!

      Brother Nate

  2. Pastor Nate, I am to come across this blog. I really want to implore I to join me in prayers as my marriage is on d line. I ve been married 10yrs plus now. But some how, the marriage has always been turbulent. I pray and fast too. Initially, I tot it was about us maturing thru d phases of marriage but deep down I never felt loved. 2yrs ago, my husband came home with an accusation of infidelity on me and said a diviner proposed that as d reason for his stagnation. But I am completely innocent. Since then d whole thing nose-dived. I have suffered alot of cruelty, deprivation and humiliation in his hands. Despite this, I try to forgive n pray God to always give me strength to forgive n stick with the marriage. I have prayed, cried n fasted but I dont c changes; just wen things r about to turn around, there will suddenly be worsening. I have strong faith that only God almighty can wipe my tears n turn things around. Just want to seek ur support in prayers. Pls PRAY FOR ME. I HAVE A STRONG CONVICTION THAT THESE THINGS HAPPENING TO US IS SPIRITUAL AND THE YOKE MUST BE BROKEN IN JESUS NAME AMEN.

    1. Reime,

      I will gladly pray for your marriage, but I want you to start using the marriage prayer every day. Here is the link:

      You also understand if your husband goes to diviners for help, instead of Jesus, he is bringing curses upon his family. You need to use this prayer page on the website and ask the Holy Spirit to lead you as to what prayers you need to consistently pray. There are simply too many for me to list here, but try and get him to repent for his actions and press into Jesus. Here is the prayer page link: https://deliverancerevolution.org/prayers/

      God bless you and Love in Christ,


      1. Hi Pastor Nate this is Pastor David from South Africa and I really apreciate the great work you are doing over there.

  3. Hello sir i am a man from india age 25 , and i was born in a christian family, my father never stayed with us and i grew up knowing nothing about the christian faith not even the gospel ,that is how bad the condetion is in india, i have a friend ezra whose father is a pastor and he told me the good news gospel in 2013 i believed and was happy and i changed a lot, but i knew nothing about repentance and that time i had a girl in my life who was really close to me but she didnt liked me to go to my friends church assembly but i didnt listened to her she cheated me and left me i was very sad and broken i even thought of sucide and because of her and because of some arguement i had with my friend ezra, i left the city for nursing training and said in my heart to God that you didnt give me that girl so i will sin,and i sinned really bad and i thought after 3 years of my course i will go back and every thing will be ok,but i did homosexuality there during my training,and when i returned my friend ezra told me that 3 men came to the church and said that they saw sodom and gomorrah and the judgement of God happening in the church, i was afraid because i knew it was said about me i told the church after 8 months and the church told me to stay away and not to come, my friend told me cleanse yourself and come after 4 or 5 years this happened this month, i had never had any evil experience by after i came in the faith and then continued to sin i one day felt a electric transformer with high voltage came from behing me with the viberating sound and as it reached my head i knew it was something real i reached my hand for my bible but i was in my cousins home and didnt had my bible near me, then i thought i dont have my bible but God loves me, and as soon as i thought that i heard loud sound of a lightning strike 4 or 6 times it was so loud that i thought that every one would be awake and that evil had left as soon as the thunder came ,at that time i was not into homosexuality and just watched porn, but the after that day i felt things in my room at night my mother also felt it, one day i felt a hand poking into my stomach with fingers that it was hurting and i could not move, and one day i felt some one putting a finger in my ear when i looked to my side there was no one, please pray for me i don’t know how to contact you, what should i do, please reply fast.

    1. Samuel….come to our group and I can help you through the power of Jesus Christ. Its not about that Church…its about Jesus. Make sure you stop sinning and repent and then I will show you how to kick out the spirits. We can do it there in group. So I will give the link to contact us and join the deliverance group and I will also put below some great prayers to use to start kicking the enemy out of you. Also, STOP BEING SCARED!! That’s silly brother….greater is he who is in you! YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR!!

      Link to Contact Us – https://deliverancerevolution.org/contact-us/

      Link to Prayers – https://deliverancerevolution.org/prayers/

      I look forward to meeting you. Once I receive your information from the contact us link I will respond by email.

      Love in Christ,

      Pastor Nate

  4. I am feeling these thins around me ,ive been touched ,scaired ,and i have symptoms of cancer on my left shoulder,left scapula,left chest part, and i am dreaming dead lizards, pigs in filth, and dove beet on me.
    Please pray and help me please.

  5. Is it possible to lose your spiritual gifts? I was saved at 19, and looking back I was operating in spiritual gifts at the time. I dreamed—often about other people—I prayed on it and if it came to past the person was not harmed. God also gave me many visions that as I look back in my journals they came to past. But I strayed in my faith and opened up a door for the enemy to come in and wreak havoc in my life. As I’m now being delivered from all the oppression and strongholds I’m wondering if I will ever have those spiritual gifts again. Will they return?

    1. Jess….sin can absolutely block your gifts, there is teaching on this in the word of God. Having said that, often God will use even a saved person who is currently in sin to perpetuate the gospel. I know this from experience, but later on he did remove some “annointing” from me in specific areas, but it seem to increase in other areas and then come back totally the more I stayed out of sin and pressed in for restoration. As I type this today I believe I am near total restoration, but he is adding more restoration and anointing to me. It’s very difficult to explain so go by the word of God….NOT another man’s experience. Yes, in this case I am the other man I am referring to. I am telling you to go 100% by the word of God and NOT my experience. I hope that helped…I am moving fast here so I do not have a lot of time to provide scripture. Also, remember Roman’s 8:28 ….. Also, you are welcome to join our daily group which I assure you, if you show up everyday, you will be walking in power & authority in no time. Can I get a Amen??????? PRAISE JESUS HE IS KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love ya and praying for you and God bless you my brother/sister in Christ!! Pastor Nate

      Link to the Contact Us form…I will respond once I receive your form in my email – https://deliverancerevolution.org/contact-us/

  6. Please contact me Pastor Nate. My friend and I have accessed your website and I have been blessed. My family has been utilizing your website for prayer. I need further deliverance and have not been able to be on time for the prayer meetings in the morning.

    Mobile phone: (718)551-1974
    Email: bullish100wallstreet@gmail.com

    Thank you for working for Jesus and helping myself and others to be blessed.

    May the Lord Jesus continue to bless you in Him, with Him and with the Father in heaven. Amen.


    Theodore Karabetsos Jr.

    1. Theodore…check your email brother. I wrote you back, but never heard from you or saw you again. Also, use the email I sent you to respond. You don’t have to fill out a new contact form everytime. God bless ya brother!! I look forward to hearing from you.

      Love in Christ,


  7. Hi Nate

    I am a Spirit filled tongues-speaking Bible believing Gospel preaching follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. I’m a church planter, missionary and Bible translator. I don’t believe I am demonically oppressed or possessed or have any demons. My life is fully surrendered to Jesus and I only want God’s complete purpose for my life.
    My fiancee thinks I am impacted by demons. I find her interactions with me and with others sometimes explosive. She finds both me and her father annoying because we think deeply about what is happening in the world right now.
    I don’t have a lot of money. I own a couple of companies but my income currently is around $1,265 per month and my essential payments are around $1,050 per month.
    I’m British, currently based in South Africa trying to get a couple of start ups up and running.
    I found you via a Google search phrase “deliverance ministry online”.
    I am open to having deliverance ministry online.
    My time zone in South Africa is EST+7.I look forward to hearing from you.
    Best regards

  8. How are you Pastor Nate,
    I am a born again Christian, a believer and I believe in Jesus Christ not only that my mother is a prayer warrior and has natured me in the Christian faith. My situation is rather complicated but I am grateful I came across this online page as I was searching for some Devine intervention in my matters. I am a male from Zimbabwe but currently in Dubai, UAE. I need help in deliverance prayers for myself and my family especially from my maternal side where all of us seem to be under a curse of stagnation and limitations. We have been told by numerous Pastors that our maternal relatives (my mother’s aunts and uncles) have put curses and monitoring spirits on our mothers to which nothing feasible manifests in our lives. We have prayed and fasted countless times and whenever any of us seems to be on a brink in life we experience all forms of abortions and numerous disappointments. I believe God is not limited by men and my faith is forever in him. I would really love for you to take me through deliverance session to free me fully from this continuous web.

    1. Kuda….I responded to your contact us form through the website, but I will only say briefly here that your relationship with God is not measure by what you receive. Its measured by your worship and gratitude of him. You were put here to worship him….that is why he created you….. to be in relationship with him….to fall in love with him and praise him with all your heart, soul and mind. Food for thought – Are you doing this?

      Sure, there are consequence to sin, and we can go more into that in more detail when I see you in the prayer group. If you come to the deliverance and prayer group and stay the course you will get free. Jesus is the only answer!! I hope that helps. I will see you in the prayer group. Love in Christ,

      Pastor Nate

  9. Hi, my name is pastor Samson from zambia I have a ministry but I want you to help me pray so that the ministry should grew and God to connect the ministry to the destiny helpers please

  10. I feel an evil presence around me all the time. I get attacked when I am praying especially at midnight hour. One night I was praying at midnight and I felt a sharp pain on my hand when I looked I noticed that I was bleeding. I was the only one in that room. It has gotten so bad that I see in vision and dreams hands feeding me whenever I’m praying, my stomach will feel full and bloated, sometimes I hear noises inside.

    I have a daughter who has unwell for years. Doctors say that they dont see anything wrong with her. She’s lost so much weight even though she eats normal.

    I believe that there are demons, monitoring spirits in my house. I have prayed and asked the holy spirit to show me what doors I might have that would allow evil spirits to come into my home. I have been successful in getting rid of them a couple of times but they would come right back.

    Paster Nate, I need your help I believe that God directed me to to this page for a reason.

    I live in UK with my family

  11. Thank you very much for your prayer against spirit husband/-wife! There are good things happening in our family and around us because of it. I translated it to German and would like to ask for your permission to publish it and pass it around.

  12. Pastore Nate! Wow! What a man of God, chasing the heart of Jesus, sharing the love and good news of Jesus. The selflessness and sacrifice of furthering the gospel of who Jesus is, is so inspiring and changes hearts and lives. My heart can never be the same, after attending these meetings. Areas in my life have been restored because of prayer and explainatuon of the scriptures in simple ways to understand it better. I’m transformed more and more with a each meeting. Entering into the presence of Jesus has become much easier and awareness of the Holy Spirit is now a daily occurrence. Pastor Nate’s devotion and commitment to Jesus is raising an army to serve in the Kingdom of Jesus. Thank you for selfless love and unconditional love and kindness!

    1. Thank you sister Yuta! You are an absolute blessing as well! Thank you and may God richly bless you!!

  13. To Nate, this is Matthew here. I am from NZ. I have a brother who takes Olapzipine (so called mental drugs) who I have seen a evil side to his medication. I believe that I have been spiritually attacked via because of the Olazipine that he takes each night and because of all of the cigarette second hand smoke I have smelled all my life. I have posted videos on YouTube on my channel Matt-NZ if you want to have a look. I want to urge every family across the world if anyone takes Olazipine from mental services you will be opened to spiritual attack and open spiritual doors to the enemy in your mind. Don’t let this be your family or those around you.

    1. Matt…thanks for the heads up. As a general rule we always recommend people get off anti-depressants, psychotics, anti-anxiety, etc…etc… We have never once seen anything good come of these medications except open doors to the enemy. JESUS IS ABSOLUTELY THE ONLY ANSWER.
      Question: Have you done some deliverance on your brother?
      Let us know if we can help.
      Love in Christ,
      Pastor Nate

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