The following prayers are a mixture of various prayers that deal with issues from how to cleanse your home of demons to how to break off demonic attachments to the occult. These prayers cover everything from Addictions to Sexual Sins and everything in between. Be sure and confess and repent from any open doors of sin before doing these prayers. Additionally, be sure and let go of and truly forgive anyone you have unforgiveness towards. Many of these prayers are interchangeable. In other word you can take a prayer for spending addiction and replace the word spending with gambling addiction. Each prayer does not have to contain the exact name of the spirit or problem you’re dealing with. Remember, Jesus and Jesus alone are the answer to every deliverance and not how the prayer is worded. If you need assistance, please feel free to contact Pastor Nate by clicking the “Receive Deliverance” button to right side of the page.



Nine Key Steps to Deliverance & 10 things that stop you from receiving Deliverance

Ten Things That Stop Deliverance

Nine Steps To Deliverance













Deliverance Prayers


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