Inner Healing

The following are the steps and process to inner healing

Self Inner Healing

1. Pay careful attention to your emotions.
2. When you have an elevated emotion, take notice of events that are triggering the emotion.
3. Afterwards, determine if the event (on a scale of 1 to 10) warrants this high of an emotion, or if you are over-reacting.
4. If you determine that you’re over-reacting, it’s telling you that there is a wound that still needs to be healed.
5. Remember as many details of the event as possible…place, people, words, and sensory details.
6. When you get home or to a quiet, peaceful place, say “I divide soul and spirit,” then take yourself (in your mind) back to the event that triggered the over-reaction. Use the event details in your memory to trigger that adverse emotion. REALLY GO THERE in your mind and let the emotion come up again.
7. At this point, out-loud ask, “Jesus, please come and heal this part of me.”
8. Jesus will come and either “take the emotion or heal the wound by speaking to you.” When you feel the emotion lift or hear His Words, the wound is healed.
9. After the wound is healed, tell all the demon on that wound to go to the pit, “in Jesus name.”


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