Physical & Spiritual Realities – A Self Examination

The Following Work Was Created By Jay Bartlett Ministries

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So many souls are stressed, baffled & puzzled! Many are looking for answers why they are afflicted. Consider the following…..
Below is a check list, you might be interested in going through, in trying to determine, what you might be dealing with in your body and soul. This is not an exhaustive list however a excellent starting point to reach deeper into your body and soul natures and discover what might be hiding within you.
  • Consider the reality of deep brokenness in your heart –an actual dissociative identity within you?
  • Consider the reality that your heart may be held captive by a demon?
  • Consider the reality of your mind being controlled by a demon?
  • Consider the reality of your mind being controlled by a demonized soul invader?
  • Consider the reality of your mind being afflicted due to an ancestral heart part that suffers from the same?
  • Consider the reality of a demonized soul invader placing within your body and/or soul fiery darts?
  • Consider the reality of a demonic presence that was sent to you?
  • Consider the reality of pains, sicknesses, afflictions, torments could be an actual demon, soul invader, or a fiery dart?
Again, this list wasn’t designed to be exhaustive but rather a starting point to where you can begin to discover what is lurking deep within your mind, emotions and body. These are some serious spiritual considerations that will lead you on a path of deep freedom and healing! As you check off the above items I want you to actually confront these spiritual realities using the power and authority given to us all by the name of Jesus. Keep notes on what transpires. You might just be surprised what surfaces from within and the release that will take place. Again, this STEP is a key one that rarely anyone takes, but is the absolute key to getting free. Battling the demonic is messy and most in the Church do not like to address it. At best many will write a brochure or some curriculum on how to deal with demons, but when comes right down to it most have very little experience at expelling demons.  Anyway, this STEP will allow you to venture deep in the unseen realms of your life and seek the answers you have been looking for. Be pro-active and see what takes place….

Now, if you have difficulty or experience some challenges you might need someone to offer some intervention. We are here to serve you in Jesus name!




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