Things That Can Block One From Hearing & Feeling God in Their Life


1. Lust: Your mind, thoughts and or imagination indulges in uncleanness.
2. Idolatry: If you permit anything to come between you and God, it becomes an idol. For example, your job, money, worrying….no matter what it is, if it comes before God then it is Idolatry.
3. Laziness aka “Sloth”: This is a life of ease at home mixed with NO zeal for the things of God, but plenty of time and energy for the things of this Earth.
Example: You can find your way to play video games online…in the middle of the day mind you….but you can’t seem to find the same amount of time to worship God. In other words you have time to do what you want to do, but not the things that make God happy. Typically this type of person will be all confused why God does not respond to them in prayer.
4. Over-sensitivity: Bitterness rises quickly in the hearts of some people the second somebody disagrees with them. This is a spirit, kick it out and tell it to leave in the name of Jesus. Do it the second it happens. DO NOT HARBOR AND/OR HOLD THE BITTERNESS. The Bible says that going to sleep on anger brings curses upon a person.
5. Judgmental spirit: (See Above – Virtually the Same Type Situation)
6. Gossip: All gossips are devil’s advertisers.
7. Worry: This is when you are anxious about the future. This is direct dis-trust of God and his word. In essence Worry is lack of faith and I find that nothing separates me from hearing and feeling God more than lack of faith.
8. Selfishness: This is when you ignore the interest of others and you are only interested in yourself.
Example: I cease to be amazed at how many people will receive amazing healing and/or deliverance, but will not contribute even one dime back to the ministry that helped them get healed or delivered. They will spend $1,000’s of dollars on Doctors, Drugs that don’t work, new age remedies and their own fleshly desires, but they won’t give financially for the life of them.  More times than I can count, these same people will contact me a second time… after they lose their healing or deliverance…and express confusion over why they are in the same situation again and again. It has been my experience that Americans are the worst givers of all the countries in the world. I believe a growing percentage of people in the U.S. are under a financial curse.

9. Distraction: (aka spirit of anti-Christ) This is when you are unable to focus on Christ and you find it difficult to read the Bible and gain something from it.(see # 4 and 5 above for remedy)
10. Lying: The word of God says, “Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord”.
11. Discouragement: Some people are easily discouraged. At the first sign of failure, they run away. They quit when things are hard. (Note: you cannot do anything with your own strength. God doesn’t need your efforts, but needs you to surrender to him and call on the name of Jesus. Phillipians 4: 13 Says, “I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me”.
12. Abusive tongue: Some people cannot control their temper. (See #4,5 and 9 for remedy) Anger is an evil spirit…rebuke it and kick it out of you in the name of Jesus.
13. Depression: This is when you allow despair to overtake you. You think of your problems always and withdraw from everybody when the Bible says, “I will not despair for I have believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”
14. Fear:  Allowing Fear & Anxiety into your life is like telling God you don’t trust him. Hence, a big No-No!!
15. Procrastination: This is when you are always planning to go higher and dig deeper but always postponing the day you will start.
16. Lack of sexual control: Individuals in this category typically have a difficult time with growing near to God. See Pastor Nate for details on how to get free from sexual bondage.

The good news is that most of the above spirits can be kicked out by using the mighty name of Jesus Christ. (Supporting scriptures – Ephesians 1:21, Luke 10: 19 and Matthew 10:7-8)

Example: “Spirit of fear and anxiety get out of me in the name of Jesus Christ and go to the pit right now in the mighty name of Jesus”.

Once you cast the spirits then I suggest calling down the fruit’s of the spirit as listed in Galations 5: 22.  This will allow you to start feeling some love, joy, peace, etc…etc…


Demons and Controlling Your Thoughts


Recently I have had several precious souls call me for help only to get upset with me during the initial phone interview. This occurred when I said something they did not like or they didn’t agree with. In almost every occurrence the person typically hangs up on me and then writes me something critical by email. Naturally, my primary concern is not for my own feelings, as my feelings are only controlled by the love of Jesus, but this prevents these precious souls from receiving the deliverance and healing they need. Quite often there initial cry for help to me is something like this, “Sir, PLEASE HELP ME! SATAN AND HIS DEMONS ARE DESTROYING MY LIFE! …CAN YOU HELP ME?”, but as soon as they hear something that challenges them the enemy has control of their emotions. This is something I have experienced consistently throughout my ministry and it is probably one of the most consistent observations I have made about the enemy and how they operate, other than the obvious fact that they are out to destroy all of man-kind. In summary, this short blog post is about how the enemy can manipulate your mind into NOT receiving the help you need.


The following is an excerpt from an email I wrote one of the individuals after they became angry with me, hung on me and then wrote me an ugly email afterwards. This was my response to her.


Dear XYZ,


I did receive your email, but please allow me to share this parting word with you. If you contact a person of God for help and they do not truly have the potential or fire power through Christ to help you get free…such as MOST your average preachers and priest for instance….the enemy is NOT going to give you a hard time about talking to them.  In fact, the enemy may even facilitate your talking to them. On the flip side, and as I tried to share with you last night, if the person can and is able to help you, as a small handful of ministers in the U.S. and abroad are able to do, then the enemy is going to make that person very unattractive to you. (as they did me last night) They will do everything in their power to keep you from getting help from that person. (again, as they did me last night) If you listen to nothing else I said on the phone then PLEASE take heed to what I am telling you now. This will always be 100% true in how the enemy will try and manipulate the outcome of your receiving true and lasting deliverance.


Again, a person who cannot help you the enemy is going to allow you to feel awesome about working with them.  A true warrior for the Kingdom, who can crush the enemy,the enemy is going to plant in your mind a million reasons not to listen to them. As a obvious side note you definitely won’t like the person. (as occurred with me last night) You will find this to be true almost 100% of the time. 


Love in Christ Always,


Pastor Nate




Do you have the spirit of Python?


The following are symptoms of Python – The signs indicate he has achieved ground in your life:
a) keeping us from praying and worshiping
b) putting out our fire for God
c) luring us into isolation
d) causing us to ‘feel’ hopeless and defeated
e) trapping us in poverty or hindering us from prospering
f) luring us into self destructive behaviors or lifestyles – suicide
g) causing us to doubt or not comprehend God’s personal love for us
h) causing us to doubt the Word of God and the promises He has for us
i) causing us to be ineffective for Christ – loss of anointing
j) keeping us going in circles, getting nowhere with life
k) causing us to feel lethargic, indifferent, and apathetic about life or God
l) causing us to always feel rejected and violated, etc.
m) causing us to feel small, inadequate, incapable, inferior, insecure
n) causing us to walk by fear and not by faith, leaning on our own understanding
o) causing divisions in the body of Christ and marriages
p) thwarting or delaying us from walking in our purpose and call
q) dominating us via the hurts, bitterness, and pain that he heaped on us
r) keeping us wrapped up in our problems and less attentive to others
s)convincing us that God doesn’t care or that it’s His will…
t) our lives are a mess etc….
All of this, if not REALIZED and brought under the power of the Blood and cut off, will slowly, but SURELY kill us by constriction – suffocate us – will drain the life out of us and keep us disconnected to the manifest TRUTH of God’s promises and power!!!
How is it this singular dark force has so many attributes which are affiliated with so many types of evil workings/assaults?
Because this singular dark force is

aka: Counterfeit Holy Spirit

What? Who is the false prophet? He’s not supposed to come on the scene until the end when the Antichrist takes bodily form! Wrong! These two beasts which are spoken of in Revelations 12 and 13 have been here all along. The Lord showed me that just as the spirit of antichrist has been infiltrating the systems of earth since the Garden of Eden, the false prophet has, too! But still, who IS the false prophet?

Well, if what Satan does is a counterfeit to ALL that God does, and the first beast in Revelations is the spirit of antichrist which is Satan’s counterfeit of the true Christ, then, you got it… the 2nd beast must be the counterfeit of the true Holy Spirit!

Now consider this: What are all the characteristics and ‘jobs’ of the Holy Spirit in our lives? Next, ponder for just a moment… that if there were a Holy Spirit COUNTERFEIT, would he not have the complete opposite characteristics and ‘jobs’? Would he not be on a mission to imitate all the Holy Spirit does but in a dark way that pulls us away from truth instead of INTO truth where the Holy Spirit is always guiding us? Let’s review the following points:

The Holy Spirit: 1) Points the way to Christ
The Counterfeit(Python) 1) Points the way to false gods, false religion, idolatry and AWAY from Christ

2) Is the Comforter
2) Promotes FALSE comforts (self, idolatry, co-dependence, addiction, etc)

3) Gives guidance
3) Give FALSE guidance – into snares and destructive lifestyles and cults

4) Endows whom HE pleases with HOLY spiritual gifts for the edification of the body and deliverance of the world from darkness
4) Endows whom he pleases with false powers (sorcery, witchcraft, voodoo) for the tearing down of the body and cementing the world in darkness

5) Gives divine utterance (via tongues or words through the prophets)
5) Gives FALSE utterance (psychics, diviners, unsuspecting saints)

6) Unveils/illuminates/teaches the mysteries of scripture to those born of His Spirit
6) HIDES the truth of scripture – does everything to keep us OUT of the Word by distractions, oppression, authoring confusion or mental fogginess, sickness, lethargy and apathy

7) Lifts us up, puts a spring back into our step, refreshes, invigorates
7) Weighs people down, depletes them, wears them out, oppresses

8) Convicts us of sin – Unctions us to return to holiness
8) Promotes, undermines, waters down sin – says it’s okay

9) Gives direction, dreams & visions which train, equip,or lead us into our purpose
9) Thwarts the direction God wants us to walk in by sending us down wrong paths

10) Gives divine revelation, wisdom, knowledge, etc. which promotes Holy Kingdom truths and blesses the body and the world
10) Gives FALSE revelations, false wisdom which promotes dark agendas and leads us into deeper despair and farther from God

11) Authors miracles, healings & blessingswhich solidify/demonstrateGod’s love and truth
11) Steals miracles and healings and thwarts blessings to make God look like a liar or like He doesn’t love us as much as He truly does.Performs false miracles



W H O D O E S T H I S S O U N D L I K E ? ? ?
The Spirit Of Python!


Physical & Spiritual Realities – A Self Examination

The Following Work Was Created By Jay Bartlett Ministries

Stressed unhappy business woman closed ears the hands because not want the hear any sounds and noise on blue background
So many souls are stressed, baffled & puzzled! Many are looking for answers why they are afflicted. Consider the following…..
Below is a check list, you might be interested in going through, in trying to determine, what you might be dealing with in your body and soul. This is not an exhaustive list however a excellent starting point to reach deeper into your body and soul natures and discover what might be hiding within you.
  • Consider the reality of deep brokenness in your heart –an actual dissociative identity within you?
  • Consider the reality that your heart may be held captive by a demon?
  • Consider the reality of your mind being controlled by a demon?
  • Consider the reality of your mind being controlled by a demonized soul invader?
  • Consider the reality of your mind being afflicted due to an ancestral heart part that suffers from the same?
  • Consider the reality of a demonized soul invader placing within your body and/or soul fiery darts?
  • Consider the reality of a demonic presence that was sent to you?
  • Consider the reality of pains, sicknesses, afflictions, torments could be an actual demon, soul invader, or a fiery dart?
Again, this list wasn’t designed to be exhaustive but rather a starting point to where you can begin to discover what is lurking deep within your mind, emotions and body. These are some serious spiritual considerations that will lead you on a path of deep freedom and healing! As you check off the above items I want you to actually confront these spiritual realities using the power and authority given to us all by the name of Jesus. Keep notes on what transpires. You might just be surprised what surfaces from within and the release that will take place. Again, this STEP is a key one that rarely anyone takes, but is the absolute key to getting free. Battling the demonic is messy and most in the Church do not like to address it. At best many will write a brochure or some curriculum on how to deal with demons, but when comes right down to it most have very little experience at expelling demons.  Anyway, this STEP will allow you to venture deep in the unseen realms of your life and seek the answers you have been looking for. Be pro-active and see what takes place….

Now, if you have difficulty or experience some challenges you might need someone to offer some intervention. We are here to serve you in Jesus name!




Evil Spirits and The Human Body

The Below Was Taken From Jay Bartlett Ministries

Digestion involves the breakdown of food into smaller and smaller components which can be absorbed and assimilated into the body.
I have documented many thousands of cases of demonic possession from all over the world. I have observed some interesting facts in regards to demons & human bodies!
As I look back at the many documented cases of demonic possession and demonic oppression I have observed some consistencies in what I have seen. I would like to share a few with you; with the hopes of seeing you and your family drawing more freedom within your own lives. When you begin this spiritual exploration you will receive more and more freedom and healing in Jesus name.
First off, I have seen, in many thousands of cases, where demons have specifically inhabited specific areas of a human body they have invaded. I have observed that when an evil spirit enters a human body they tend to target certain areas, distinct weaknesses. For example, I have seen demonic spirits target the digestive system, as seen in the picture above, within many humans. There are many other regions of the body they attack.
I have confronted many evil spirits, for example, within the stomach, the pancreas and even in the appendix. Why is this the case? Demons, generally speaking, target for attack, those areas of your body that have pre-existing weaknesses. Remember, demons traffic within human pain and suffering. They are cruel beings and desire to torture. So, if someone has a digestive ailment, that is within a family tree, then the demon will target those already weakened areas of the human condition within the family. They will simply try to worsen the pre-existing maladies.
I vividly recall, being in the French-speaking city of Montreal, Quebec, a few years ago, where I counseled a missionary who had traveled in from the Orient who had been afflicted by demon powers. The demons were very specific in their attacks. What I discovered was astonishing.
There were evil spirits  hiding (they had been concealed)  within his Cerebral Cortex, Frontal Lobe and within the Basal Ganglia. These are regions of the brain that we found demons attached to. They boasted how they had been hidden all of these years!
I felt like at the time, a spiritual neurologist, investigating the variousbdemonic afflictions within his brain and extracting these demons in the name of Jesus. It was challenging to navigate the regions where specific mind controlling demons were assigned  within his neurological system. Again, I observed that specific demons were within very specific areas within the body to bring destruction. Fortunately, we were able to drive out these spiritual forces and the missionary experienced some much needed relief, freedom and healing.
Somebody just needed to come along and take the time to explore. To ask questions, to probe and to minister in a deeper manner. Think of Jesus in Mark 5 and 9 where Jesus Himself delved into deeper deliverance and asked questions.
If you browse through our documented cases at our blog sites you’ll see many instances where we were driving out demons from very specific areas of the human body —from major organs of the body to cells, to optical nerves and to many other regions of the physical body.
In Luke 13 we see an example of this in the Gospels. Jesus ministered to a woman who had been bent over for 18 long years by Satan (see verse 16). Her condition was a result of a evil spirit (see verse 11). The evil spirit, it appears targeted, specifically, her back and some other areas of her body. Demons were on a specific assignment to bring specific pain and affliction. Moreover, the spirit had been there hiding for many years. Did not anyone know it was much more then an infirmity but a spirit behind the infirmity? Apparently not as the demon remained. Jesus, however, intervened and brought healing.
Jesus was triumphant over these spirits that had enslaved this woman for nearly two decades. This is the good news we bring to the world –Jesus is able bring that which is in darkness into the light– to heal and set the captives free. He is able to heal those with tormenting spirits within specific areas of one’s body.
Consider the need to investigate to see whether a specific ailment you have is a demon spirit that has been concealing it’s work within your body. Consider the reality that it has been passed down to you through your ancestral bloodline. Consider the need to be pro-active and explore the spiritual realities that might be at work within your life.

In Part II we will look at the specific areas of the soul nature demons attach themselves to. You’ll be surprised at the multiplicity of regions within the invisible realm of your life that they work within.



Jesus Cures HIV

Hello Pastor Nate,

 Greetings from pastors and church leaders in Bungoma County! All is well here and it is raining a lot here…..

 I have Pastor John Wekesa who is working under my leadership, testified that your prayer of Jabez on Skype with the orphans and widows were a great blessing to him and his family. He had a sick person – his son Joshua had suffered from mental disturbances for the last five (5) years. But Brother John held faith in his heart during your prayer sessions even though he did not mention his son.  However, in spite of this, thankfully his son was healed. He sends his special greetings to you Pastor.  The widows you prayed for, are now HIV free they are not victims any more…Doctor Peter confirmed that yesterday after doing multiple HIV tests for all widows…. What a mighty God we serve!!!!! (Update – Pastor Moses is getting the medical report from the managing Doctor who was handling the Widows HIV treatment)



(The Above Pics are of The Monthly Food Distribution…Another Miracle in and of itself!)

Each one of them testified of the victory and blessings they had from the prayer meeting we had with you on Skype. Time will fail me to mentioning all widows/ each one’s names now that you have their names already. The testimonies I heard were greatly life-changing. I was moved in the spirit and could not help myself from shading the tears of love in Christ Jesus. All testimonies that were brought forth expressed praise and honour unto the Lord, this proves also that when we have continues prayers Skype fellowship will change many poorly needy and hungry souls.

Pastor Nate, the widows and orphans  are praying for you and your dear wife Marty and that God opens a door for you to come and see them face to face….they told me to tell that you are the angel sent from God to save their lives…..They are praying that even if you will just get the air ticket and see them for a day their joy will be complete ……By the help of the Holy Spirit, He will reveal to us on how we can go about these planning. . ……the internet network is very low and cannot attach pictures…. I will forward them anytime tomorrow when it comes fully……

Are you back home from the trip? We can plan to meet with orphans and widows for prayer next Saturday if time on your schedule permits….

In Jesus love,

Brother Moses


Jesus Cures Cancer & Depression….Again!

Dear Pastor Nate,

Thanks for your reply. My father is currently in India. The scan report showed inflammation, but Praise God for His healing touch ,( not suggestive of growth).. So he did not have the biopsy. He is awaiting blood investigation reports. Praise God for using you through deliverance & healing videos!

As a result of receiving the Deliverance prayers you sent me by email I was delivered from an unbearably heavy demonic attack of depression. To my absolute amazement I went over the steps of the deliverance prayer you sent me and the effects are so pleasantly shocking. I go over the steps regularly and have much joy and peace and peace in my life now. .

Thank you and praise the mighty name of Jesus,


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