Demons and Controlling Your Thoughts


Recently I have had several precious souls call me for help only to get upset with me during the initial phone interview. This occurred when I said something they did not like or they didn’t agree with. In almost every occurrence the person typically hangs up on me and then writes me something critical by email. Naturally, my primary concern is not for my own feelings, as my feelings are only controlled by the love of Jesus, but this prevents these precious souls from receiving the deliverance and healing they need. Quite often there initial cry for help to me is something like this, “Sir, PLEASE HELP ME! SATAN AND HIS DEMONS ARE DESTROYING MY LIFE! …CAN YOU HELP ME?”, but as soon as they hear something that challenges them the enemy has control of their emotions. This is something I have experienced consistently throughout my ministry and it is probably one of the most consistent observations I have made about the enemy and how they operate, other than the obvious fact that they are out to destroy all of man-kind. In summary, this short blog post is about how the enemy can manipulate your mind into NOT receiving the help you need.


The following is an excerpt from an email I wrote one of the individuals after they became angry with me, hung on me and then wrote me an ugly email afterwards. This was my response to her.


Dear XYZ,


I did receive your email, but please allow me to share this parting word with you. If you contact a person of God for help and they do not truly have the potential or fire power through Christ to help you get free…such as MOST your average preachers and priest for instance….the enemy is NOT going to give you a hard time about talking to them.  In fact, the enemy may even facilitate your talking to them. On the flip side, and as I tried to share with you last night, if the person can and is able to help you, as a small handful of ministers in the U.S. and abroad are able to do, then the enemy is going to make that person very unattractive to you. (as they did me last night) They will do everything in their power to keep you from getting help from that person. (again, as they did me last night) If you listen to nothing else I said on the phone then PLEASE take heed to what I am telling you now. This will always be 100% true in how the enemy will try and manipulate the outcome of your receiving true and lasting deliverance.


Again, a person who cannot help you the enemy is going to allow you to feel awesome about working with them.  A true warrior for the Kingdom, who can crush the enemy,the enemy is going to plant in your mind a million reasons not to listen to them. As a obvious side note you definitely won’t like the person. (as occurred with me last night) You will find this to be true almost 100% of the time. 


Love in Christ Always,


Pastor Nate



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