Evil Spirits and The Human Body

The Below Was Taken From Jay Bartlett Ministries

Digestion involves the breakdown of food into smaller and smaller components which can be absorbed and assimilated into the body.
I have documented many thousands of cases of demonic possession from all over the world. I have observed some interesting facts in regards to demons & human bodies!
As I look back at the many documented cases of demonic possession and demonic oppression I have observed some consistencies in what I have seen. I would like to share a few with you; with the hopes of seeing you and your family drawing more freedom within your own lives. When you begin this spiritual exploration you will receive more and more freedom and healing in Jesus name.
First off, I have seen, in many thousands of cases, where demons have specifically inhabited specific areas of a human body they have invaded. I have observed that when an evil spirit enters a human body they tend to target certain areas, distinct weaknesses. For example, I have seen demonic spirits target the digestive system, as seen in the picture above, within many humans. There are many other regions of the body they attack.
I have confronted many evil spirits, for example, within the stomach, the pancreas and even in the appendix. Why is this the case? Demons, generally speaking, target for attack, those areas of your body that have pre-existing weaknesses. Remember, demons traffic within human pain and suffering. They are cruel beings and desire to torture. So, if someone has a digestive ailment, that is within a family tree, then the demon will target those already weakened areas of the human condition within the family. They will simply try to worsen the pre-existing maladies.
I vividly recall, being in the French-speaking city of Montreal, Quebec, a few years ago, where I counseled a missionary who had traveled in from the Orient who had been afflicted by demon powers. The demons were very specific in their attacks. What I discovered was astonishing.
There were evil spirits  hiding (they had been concealed)  within his Cerebral Cortex, Frontal Lobe and within the Basal Ganglia. These are regions of the brain that we found demons attached to. They boasted how they had been hidden all of these years!
I felt like at the time, a spiritual neurologist, investigating the variousbdemonic afflictions within his brain and extracting these demons in the name of Jesus. It was challenging to navigate the regions where specific mind controlling demons were assigned  within his neurological system. Again, I observed that specific demons were within very specific areas within the body to bring destruction. Fortunately, we were able to drive out these spiritual forces and the missionary experienced some much needed relief, freedom and healing.
Somebody just needed to come along and take the time to explore. To ask questions, to probe and to minister in a deeper manner. Think of Jesus in Mark 5 and 9 where Jesus Himself delved into deeper deliverance and asked questions.
If you browse through our documented cases at our blog sites you’ll see many instances where we were driving out demons from very specific areas of the human body —from major organs of the body to cells, to optical nerves and to many other regions of the physical body.
In Luke 13 we see an example of this in the Gospels. Jesus ministered to a woman who had been bent over for 18 long years by Satan (see verse 16). Her condition was a result of a evil spirit (see verse 11). The evil spirit, it appears targeted, specifically, her back and some other areas of her body. Demons were on a specific assignment to bring specific pain and affliction. Moreover, the spirit had been there hiding for many years. Did not anyone know it was much more then an infirmity but a spirit behind the infirmity? Apparently not as the demon remained. Jesus, however, intervened and brought healing.
Jesus was triumphant over these spirits that had enslaved this woman for nearly two decades. This is the good news we bring to the world –Jesus is able bring that which is in darkness into the light– to heal and set the captives free. He is able to heal those with tormenting spirits within specific areas of one’s body.
Consider the need to investigate to see whether a specific ailment you have is a demon spirit that has been concealing it’s work within your body. Consider the reality that it has been passed down to you through your ancestral bloodline. Consider the need to be pro-active and explore the spiritual realities that might be at work within your life.

In Part II we will look at the specific areas of the soul nature demons attach themselves to. You’ll be surprised at the multiplicity of regions within the invisible realm of your life that they work within.


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