God Truly Hears Those Who Seek Him & Cry Out For His Help

An Account by Pastor Nate


At 12:17 A.M. on the morning of December 1st, 2015 I heard in my head, aka my spirit—NOT my physical hearing, “Do not interfere with _______, unless he instigates it and then I will _________” (The underscore lines ___ indicates that I did not retain the exact wording of what was said in those particular areas, but I am 99.9% sure of the words quoted in bold…In fact, I will never forget them!)

I then heard a short pause and very clearly I heard the words, “Or you will have the God of Righteous Indignation upon you!” It wasn’t extremely loud, nor was it particularly angry or aggressive, but anyone with a pound of common sense knew the words were from the living God and it was not a threat….IT WAS A PROMISE! As evidence of this fact, almost immediately I might add, I heard a very angry verbal reaction from the voice on the receiving end saying, “He just had to throw that in there!” (He was referencing the promise the Lord made about bringing righteous indignation upon him if he persisted in interfering) I then heard a crashing sound like metal on metal sound. I cannot even begin to speculate what this might have been, but it was unmistakable that the voice on the receiving end was angry as heck and throwing a child-like tantrum.

(THE 2nd BEST PART) About 5 minutes goes by, which seemed a like an eternity at this point as I was just lying there motionless in my bed and then I hear a very firm, but clear voice say, “DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” I cannot remember if I was crying at this point or not, but as I start to feel God’s love envelope my entire body, I know beyond any doubt that this firm, but yet loving voice, belongs to the creator of the universe and that he alone is worthy of all Power, all Glory, all Honor and all Praise! As these thoughts were racing through my mind at thousands per second I hear this very faint and sub-servient voice say, “Yes”. Whatever the entity was it knew beyond any doubt who was addressing and it had no intentions of arguing or resisting. It simply affirmed YES and then fell silent.

(THE BEST PART) It is the following morning…. and I am very proud to report…. that I have no headache, no sluggishness and I do not have a deep seated tiredness within me as I did yesterday. I am energetic again and I am on fire to serve my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ!! Praise his great and mighty name!!

Three Important Observations:

First, I don’t know if the voice on the receiving end was Satan’s or a high ranking principality, such as a fallen angel for instance. Whichever the case, this entity clearly had the power to put false words into my head as well as cause me pain on the right side of my head, sluggishness in my legs and a deep seated tiredness in my body. This went on for about a 10-12 hour period the day before, which was Monday November 30, 2015. For the record I have also experienced this previously, but I was not made privy to how Father removed it or stopped it. Clearly this time I was and I stand in absolute awe of his confident power and his non-wavering commitment to protecting those who seek him. I PRAISE YOU FATHER GOD! In the name of Jesus I do this openly and proudly!

Secondly, given what Father said to the entity, it is quite apparent the entity did NOT have the legal authority to do what it had done to me. This shows the willingness for Satan and his cohorts of eternal fire to do everything they can, both with legal authority and without legal authority, to hurt what God loves. In my mind they will take great risk in trying to hurt anyone who follows God. After all, can you imagine having to be threatened by God himself with, “Righteous Indignation” being brought down upon you? I could hardly stand the aforementioned attacks, let alone if God himself was coming against me! Can you imagine!?!

Thirdly, I absolutely believe I was allowed to hear this exchange for the primary purpose of learning from it and bringing this huge learning opportunity to you. This is front lines stuff folks and you cannot put a value on the benefit of understanding how things work in the unseen world.

In closing , I would like to point out that Poppa also allowed me to witness this exchange because he wants us to know how much he loves us and that he will ALWAYS….BAR NONE…stand by his word! In this particular case I used the last part of Matthew 28 verse 20 when crying out to him for relief, and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen! The part you don’t know is that I got down on my knees yesterday, crying out to the Lord for help, and I used this verse and humbly asked my Jesus for his help and not to leave me to fight this battle alone. It is important to note this was after using every spiritual warfare tool at my disposal. I rarely, if ever, go to Father and just expect him to remove something unless I have first exhausted what he told us to do in the Bible. Anyway, needless to say folks, our savior showed up in spades and per the usual the lying deceiver fled. The good news for us, and what I want you to remember here, is the enemy will NEVER EVER be able to stand up to the power of Jesus and what he did for us on the cross. If you are at your wits end and you are truly seeking redemption through Jesus Christ then call his name and see the King of Glory do miracles in your life. Amen and Praise his name!

Yours in Christ Forever and Always,

Pastor Nate


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