New Policy Update

NEW POLICY UPDATE- We are seeking to assist like minded individuals who DESIRE to contribute and participate in their own deliverance and healing. Whether you receive a full blown excorcism from King Jesus or receive healing from him, the word of God says you should want to contribute to the Kingdom. The Bible refers to it as “sewing seed for a future harvest”. It also says you should do it with joy in your heart, just as he does when delivering or healing you!  Many of you have spent countless hours and Tens of Thousands of Dollars going to Doctors, Therapist, Counselors, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Chiropractors and various other medical treatments, but have zero results to show for it. In fact, many of you are much worse then when you started this downward journey. You did all these things first before you came to Jesus for help. Does this sound familiar? Regardless of the answer, Jesus loves you and so does Pastor Nate, but why not glorify him and honor him by giving to a ministry that is on the front lines, down in the trenches, battling the enemy and most often fighting for an individuals very soul!?!

I will leave you to pray about the above thought. Thanks for listening, Pastor Nate Thompson Founder Deliverance Revolution Ministry. 

Click this link to see the verses related to giving.

(Look halfway down the page for the scriptures)

As always, if you are broke and destitute then please know we will absolutely help you no matter what. Pastor Nate works with several homeless people and individuals without means. This will NOT Change!  We are only making changes towards those individuals who can contribute towards their own healing and deliverance, but simply chosen not to contribute.  

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