Derek Prince Questions & Answers – Video

Derek Prince Questions & Answers

The following video is a Q & A session on Deliverance by the Grandfather of deliverance Mr. Derek Prince. For more on Derek Prince, his life, ministry, etc… check out his website. I encourage anyone who has questions about Deliverance and Healing to listen to this 1 hour video by Derek Prince titled, “Derek Prince On Demons: Questions & Answers on Deliverance”. Derek Prince Questions & Answers

Derek Prince (1915–2003) – Derek Prince was educated at Britain’s finest universities. While serving in the British army during World War II, he experienced a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ. He then devoted his life to the teaching and study of the Bible and became internationally recognized as a leading authority on Bible prophecy. His daily radio program continues to touch lives around the world.

Derek Prince Questions & Answers


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