Dwayne’s Testimony on Witchcraft and Homosexuality

My testimony to Pastor Nate: Dwayne’s Testimony on Witchcraft and Homosexuality

Hi my name is Dwayne; I am 38 year old African American who was a homosexual transgender. I was also involved in witchcraft and in a situation in my life where I wanted to give up. I was truly under a demonic attack; I couldn’t get help from any other pastor or church because of my appearance and gender.

I prayed just out of faith one night to God hoping that he would hear me, I ask God to help me and send someone to help me spiritually, to lead me to the right person. I came across Pastor Nate Thompson number and called it.

I didn’t really think that he could of help me, But boy was I wrong Pastor Nate prayed for me and did a deliverance prayer and prayer intercession and cast out demonic spirits, and demons, and renounce the spirit of homosexuality I came to God and Jesus with sincerity in my heart. It has been a week now and I truly must say that the homosexuality tendencies I had before are really going away. I don’t have a sexual desire truthfully for man or woman; I don’t have a desire of witchcraft at all.

I now hate witchcraft because it’s not of God and I am more in the Word of God than ever, demons are real and very deceitful, I have seen it. They want to destroy us as humans… I was born with a prophetic Insight and now am using it now for the will of God ….I thank God for Pastor Nate, he’s truly a man of God and loving to all and he love Jesus.

Thank You pastor Nate Thompson, you believed in me when no one else did.


Video of Dwayne’s Deliverance – Click Here


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